Episode 178 - Chain Lube

Today's episode is a little longer than usual because we took Maddie back to the airport.  She was supposed to go home yesterday, but many Air Canada flights were cancelled due to lightning in Toronto.  So, they rescheduled for today.

Then I needed chain lube for my bike.  So, we stopped at a very cool bike shop in town and picked some up.  Then we hung out there a bit, you can hear a bit of us being there, the people there at Velorution are great.  They never make you feel like a noob, and they aren't pushy at all.  It is a great store.  As an aside, I may have become addicted to biking.

Then, it was off to shopping.

Hey, Isabelle has a job interview on Thursday.  Send positive vibes and such.

Jon came with us, but didn't say much really.