Episode 182 - My Thyroid Medication


No, my thyroid is fine.  Listen and you'll get the reference.

So, on Tuesday I went to the Dr. and she immediately said 'you should see an ophthalmologist' and she got me an appointment that afternoon.  He is a pretty great guy and prescribed and anti viral drug to stop this eye infection.  That all happened BTW within about 3 hours.  So if you don't like socialized medicine for its supposed inefficiencies, bite me.  Oh and my work drug plan covered the drugs.  Cost out of pocket?  One dollar.  So I'm getting better, though it will take time, and it seems now Isabelle and Jon are getting sick.

Isabelle is off to a sort of giant play today, sounds interesting.

Sometimes people ask questions that really make no sense.  

Isabelle is settling in to her new job, which is exciting as hell.