Episode 247 - Shiny Holiday Moms

Six years ago today we were i a special level of hell

Six years ago today we were i a special level of hell

OK, so I was looking through that facebook ‘On This Day’ deal and found a picture from 2012. It turns out that 2012 had the same December we currently have, meaning December 22 was on a Saturday. Well, let’s see how that looked. You can see in the photo that it was a nightmare. OK, my hope, as I type this, is that it is not that bad, but I fear it may be worse. At least the renovations are done at the grocery store.

I’m sure the liquor store will be fine.

Actually a bit better this year.

Actually a bit better this year.

Hey, Maddie is in town!

We are beta testing a new podcasting app, Backpack Studio, the successor to Bossjock. Well, it crashed and we lost our first segment. So, I guess I’ll file a bug report….

We’re going to make art this afternoon. Me, Isabelle, Jon, Maddie and Ross. It will be inspired by Ross’s Mom Tammy who died a little over a year ago.

The grocery store was a nightmare, and holy crap is it hot in there.

The LCBO was not as bad.

Isabelle might be having a show soon!

Christmas Eve is our own tradition. Each of us makes a dish or two. This year it’s tapas.

Merry Christmas to all of you from the Michaud-Brodbeck family.