Episode 207 - I Don't Have The Energy To Roll My Eyes


I'm just writing things now in order for me to have a placeholder for after we come back from shopping.

We went to Sudbury last weekend, so maybe we'll talk about that.  Hey, you know, I could actually write all this stuff in advance, and then sort of drive the conversation in the direction of what I've pre typed!  That sounds like effort though.

Hey, we did talk about Sudbury.  Isabelle enjoyed the play she went to and Jon and I enjoyed seeing 'Game Night'.  In fact there's a Jonathan Files review on his podcast.

I'm back in my old office, but my coffee maker broke, so I bought a new one.

If there was an olympic event in money spending, Jonno might medal.  

Isabelle is getting a bit tired of her project, but that makes sense as she's in the tunnel and can see the light at the end of it.