Episode 217 - Your Jokey Jokes


Hey, it's the day of Isabelle's big group show!  We're pretty excited about it too.  Well, I mean I assume Isabelle is.  I'm typing this having not spoken to her yet today. She just got up.  I'll confirm her excitedness soon.

It is a bit dreary today, rainy etc.  It hasn't really rained in quite a while, so that's probably a good thing.

Isabelle is probably rightfully) concerned that my colleague Paul (whose wife Jacky is in the show) and I will become the centre of attention because we are, frankly, awesome.

I've been biking a lot.  Hell, I put in 60 km on Monday.  I actually had no idea where I was.  Well, I mean I knew where I was, just not precisely.

Isabelle is going to do great tonight.   Perhaps we'll have special podcast coverage...