Episode 257 - Gumballs and MSG


Seems pretty ok out right now, about -8C or so.

Jon is joining us today, and probably will a lot in the next while. He decided that he wants to come. Fine by us. I like the company while shopping as well.

Oh man did we have a storm. Like, it was crazy. To top it off, Mis, the virtual Yooper was to fly in Sunday, no dice. It’s almost surprising that he made it in for the Monday.

OK, I wrote all of that before we went, and damned backpack studio crashed. However, we had other errands to run so it worked out.

Isabelle is doing an art project based on pictures of podcasters podcasting, so send yours!

Isabelle went to a pow wow this afternoon!

Isabelle is on her way to Halifax in about a month to see her friend’s MFA final show. Pretty niiiiiiiice.

Oh turns out Jon couldn’t be in this one, he was originally, but yeah, it crashed.