Episode 103 - Ce N'est Pas Fair

We're off on another Saturday adventure!  Look, I write part of these posts before we even go shopping, I don't know what we're going to talk about.  This is why each post starts out with this generic bit.  OK, fourth wall back up....

So off we went, a bit of a detour this week as we had empties to return.  I broke a bottle in the beer store.

Isabelle's art needs a home, and her program's current home is sort of in flux.  I have mastered the art of saying things that would get others in trouble, but people just say 'oh, that's Dave'.

On the way home we spoke mostly in French.  This was prompted by what was on the radio.  We talked a bit about the importance of learning another language and how it makes you just a better person in general.  People seem reluctant to take the opportunity though.

Episode 97 - The Salon is not the Family Room

Hello to all of our listeners, including anyone who is new.

Well I'm glad we cleared this controversy up

Well I'm glad we cleared this controversy up

I've reformatted my phone, so we are back to using Bossjock, I hope to hell it works.  (Turns out is has...)

What is the difference between a family room and a living room?  This is a huge debate which divides the country apparently along linguistic, cultural and religious lines.

It's snowing in the States, I hope you all survive.

Isabelle is looking for a new show to watch, does anyone have any suggestions?

We ended talking about students and teaching and cheating, so not that different than usual.

Oh we got gas too.....

Episode 95 - Isabelle is the Voice of a Generation

Before we get going, thanks to everyone for the comments both on the website and last week on Facebook.

So, upshot of that 'why don't we have a battery health indicator in the car' is that we needed a new battery.  It was a crazy week that way.  It was super cold suddenly (and isn't now) but that was the final nail in our battery's coffin as we had super cold winters two years in a row.

It'd be a shame if something happened to your nest.

It'd be a shame if something happened to your nest.

We then discussed cowbirds and the 'mafia hypothesis'.  (That's the real name, click the link there, you'll see).

We then talked a bit about what happened the next day, after the battery.  Isabelle's ATM card was compromised, along with many others' in town.  So that was her Tuesday.

Then we were off to find some plexiglass!  Yay!

Finally, I gave Isabelle the title of the voice of a generation with her art.