Episode 103 - Ce N'est Pas Fair

We're off on another Saturday adventure!  Look, I write part of these posts before we even go shopping, I don't know what we're going to talk about.  This is why each post starts out with this generic bit.  OK, fourth wall back up....

So off we went, a bit of a detour this week as we had empties to return.  I broke a bottle in the beer store.

Isabelle's art needs a home, and her program's current home is sort of in flux.  I have mastered the art of saying things that would get others in trouble, but people just say 'oh, that's Dave'.

On the way home we spoke mostly in French.  This was prompted by what was on the radio.  We talked a bit about the importance of learning another language and how it makes you just a better person in general.  People seem reluctant to take the opportunity though.