Episode 102 - Dad Men

Another decent day today, though apparently it is going to get nasty later.

Isabelle wants to burn a DVD, which led us into a discussion of why anyone in this day and age would use a DVD for anything.

Jon has been super sick and I haven't really gotten out of the house since Wednesday.  I feel like Betty Draper.  I'll probably take care of that with a bit of Valium.....  I kid, I kid.

While I have been watching Mad Men again Isabelle has been watching 'Highway Thru Hell'.  She likes these shows.   I'm not much on them, but to each their own.

We got to talking about mostly Isabelle's Dad this time around, and how he was a designer into things one would have seen on Mad Men. 

Finally, I wonder if it is true that houses have fewer hallways now because of the efficiency of heating and insulation.