Episode 101 - Experiential Papier-mâché Muses

Not these ones, they're too expensive 

Not these ones, they're too expensive 

So, it was -26 last week, today it is plus 2.  The snow is melting, for now.

Hello to all of our friends at podcamp Toronto.  We're podcasting, so you don't have to.

Today we got to talking about 'experiential' learning.  This is a new education buzzword (which always makes me skeptical) that deals with people learning by doing.  You know, labs, studio work, placements, internships, that sort of thing.

Then it was off to the mall!  Yup, we changed it up this week, for your listening enjoyment.

Isabelle was a big Pac Man fan in her day, I was more into Defender and Galaga.  

I apparently once got mad at Isabelle for buying expensive red peppers rather than the cheaper green ones.