Episode 100 - The Hundredth One

By the time we finished shopping it was a balmy -24.

By the time we finished shopping it was a balmy -24.

Holy shit it is cold.  So we plugged the car in last night, no problems (I hope, I am typing this before we go).

OK, we're back and yes the car started no problem.  

Isabelle has been working out and doing serious exercise.  This led us into a discussion of what we did in gym in high school.

Oh yeah, this is our one hundredth episode of our reimagining of Broca's Area, so everyone should celebrate somehow.

Why has playing ukulele become a thing?  We don't know but Isabelle has a good guess, it is easy to share stuff now with youtube and such.  She is probably right.

To survive these long cold winters Isabelle has done stuff like learn ukulele, do art, do origami etc.  The neat thing is that, in a way, living here has brought the artist in Isabelle out more than ever.  So that is pretty cool.  (I stay sane in the winter with the video games and the podcasts and such).

Thanks again to everyone for listening.  Wow, 100 is a lot.