Episode 104 - Uppity Exclamation Points

Today we started out with a recording from our voice mail of a telemarketing scam about taxes.  I didn't answer the phone as I did not recognize the number but I googled it.  They try to get you to think they are the IRS, or in Canada, the CRA.  The best part is how poorly done the recording is.

Wait, Isabelle forgot her wallet!  Oh, yeah, I'm sitting on it....

Isabelle has been doing all kinds of stuff this week, like running an open mic, having a few of her pieces on display in different places in town, and, getting a parking ticket.

Isabelle is still watching Highway Thru Hell.

We talked a bit about language, especially written language, and how you English is pretty prescriptive when it comes to conventions about punctuation and such.  We both agree, however, that we use too many exclamation points.

We finished up by talking about codes of conduct and how everyone is offended by everything.