Episode 30 London Artists Laura Woermke and Frank Caprini

Summer meanders led the wheels of our Jayco Tent Trailer to the Bruce Peninsula then to London where we visited family and with co-host Mark. The first part of this podcast is a free conversation we had at Kelsey's and the second part is a Skype conversation about a visit we made to the Thielsen gallery in London on Adelaide street. Frank Caprani's amazing mylar paintings were on display at this historical location. It would be an understatement to say that Caprini is as colourful an individual as his paintings are. Indeed, Caprani's masterful treatment of colour and composition was skillfully orchestrated to evoke true joy.  It was a delight to meet Mark's friends who are all seasoned and accomplished artists. Brian Saby's invitation was most welcomed.  Next time Brian, we're visiting you in your studio!! Another fine «rencontre» was to meet Gerald Pedros and Laura Woermke. Mark had the occasion to visit Laura's installation at Pedros' studio. What an amazing woman she is!! Woermke is not only the Curator of the St. Thomas Public Art Gallery, she is also an innovative and current artist. Thanks for listening, this time around I decided to mix things up a bit, we'll be enjoying 3 songs. Songs: Nina simone Aint got no , Shannon Moan Old blue sofa and Abd Al Malik Mabrouk .