Episode 44 Jason McLean Part one

What a treat ! Mark sat with Canadian Artist Jason McLean who was visiting from Brooklyn last Sunday. Jason is a multitalented artist who is currently showing at the Michael Gibson Gallery in London Ontario.  I was a bit jittery meeting Jason via Skype and felt little mini tiny butterflies in my stomach at the start of recording but almost immediately those went away as I listened to Jason’s kind voice. We had such a good time recording that I had to split the recording in two parts!

Part one highlights: BGL Group, Beal Secondary School, Bubbles of your own realities, working tools, collaborations, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Snakes, Jason’s process, goalie pads, blocking things out, grocery store feeling, local content, Farhi, areas of despair in cities, historic walking tours influences, colour palette (electricity)/wanting life in colour/dressing story, (36:25) looking like my artwork/dressing like my father-in-law, barn smells, Art gallery of Algoma. 


Jason McLean Website :



Current Exhibit “Boomerang Smile” :



BGL Group Current Exhibition at Museum London :



Marc Bell, London Artist :



Ray Jonson Brick Snake :



Opening music : Most Def, Yo Yeah.