Episode 131 - Heroes

Jon's class have been studying the idea of heroes and heroism which i think is a pretty cool theme.  So, today they are all off at the most recent Hunger Games movie.  Jon, however, and I quote 'has no interest in that'.  I have no idea why, but he does not want to see the movie.

Preparing for Jon's first 'in studio' recording

Preparing for Jon's first 'in studio' recording

As a compromise I suggested that if he stayed home he would have to do something about heroes.  So, of course, we recorded a podcast.

Jon and I talked about what makes a hero, who some of our heroes are, and are heroes born or made.  It was a lot of fun to have Jon in the 'studio' (which is just his sister's old room) in front of a mic and not walking home with me or something.  

We hope you like it.