Episode 110 - Salt Flats

So Jon had a big day today, it was science fair day at his school.  

All of the grade 8 kids presented their experiments/demonstrations, and Jon's was on Salt Flats.  He made his own salt flats out of salt and dirt and baking soda.  He did some really nice observations in his microscope of the salt flats as well.

He doesn't seem to care much, but says he got an A, which is pretty damned fine as far as I am concerned.

We then talked about some of the other projects, including one that was basically a 2 x 3 factorial design.  I think the kid should have used a factorial ANOVA to analyze his data, which illustrates why I am not an elementary school teacher.

Jon then regaled us with some of his movie ideas.

Way to go son, I am very proud of you.