Episode 150 - Dirty Melting Snow

So, off we went, in the new era of the crazy USA.  We only briefly talked of that.

Why don't people take criticism well, when it is given honestly?  I just don't get it.  I mean you don't attack the person, but the thing they've done.

We have a friend coming by tonight, you've heard him on a much earlier Broken Area,  We'll have dinner, and then we'll watch the Great Escape!

I told the cashier about sous vide cooking.  I'm a sousvideangelist.

It's a brave new world, let's hope it doesn't become a Brave New World.

Boy is it gross out, 1 C and raining.  Makes it look lovely.  That said, it allowed Isabelle to make a great plate tectonics pull.....

Enjoy our sesquicentennial.

Episode 149 - The Book

Hey, Isabelle has a kids' book out about the Cow and the Zebra she's talked about many times.  I don't know if we are going to talk about hit, but, here is a link for you to buy it.  Look you don't have to, but if you want to get a copy before it becomes a major motion picture and all, feel free.

Four stops today, as it is empty day.  We haven't brought empties back in about a month, and Christmas and New Years' were in there, so , umm, yeah there are lots of empties.  Plus, we had left some out back since late November.  

You know what?  Isabelle has been asked to sign her book, indeed she's even doing a reading this coming week, cool.

There were a couple of audio glitches in this one, including the final song being cut off, damn you Bossjock....

Episode 148 - The Aftermath

Our holidays are over.  Well almost over.  I mean it is the weekend so I guess technically, man, I dunno.

Mom was on the podcast last week to much acclaim, her visit was fun too.

We had a lot of talk in this one about how and why we podcast.  You know it seems that people want to turn everything into a 'seven steps to increase your podcastness' or something.  We, on the other hand, just do it because it is fun.  We've met a lot of great people this way.

Oh right, we got gas today, so an extra stop, at no extra cost to you, the listener.

Isabelle and Mom watched a bunch of Bob Ross when Mom visited.  So that got us talking a bit about Bob Ross and his particular style.