Episode 22 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

So, we went for a walk, we saw some stuff, by a waterfall, which was pretty cool, though I hope the sound is ok...   Isabelle did a wonderful job as well of translating 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' and singing it along with her uke.

We spoke a bit about meth, and how it is a bad idea in general. 

We found a caterpillar on the path we were walking on at the park, and Isabelle either saved it, or not, I maintain she brought it closer to its destruction...... 

This thing was the size of my face!

This thing was the size of my face!

We then came back a couple of days later and talked about a movie, Criaglist Joe, that Isabelle just saw.  We talked a bit about Isabelle's inability to identify Jewish people, and how much I think Mennonites are screwing their children's future.

School starts up soon, so we figure we will be producing more episodes as time goes by. Thanks again for listening especially to our commenters.