Episode 71 - Mandela Mandala

Mandela Mandala Tomato, Tomato.....

Mandela Mandala Tomato, Tomato.....

So today we combined the standard grocery shopping podcast with the bonus of us getting ready for a social learning opportunity for kids with autism.  These 'SLOs' allow kids with autism to get out, do an activity and meet other people.  Isabelle set this one up, mentioned it on Facebook and the next thing you know a local reporter, Katie Huckson showed up.  Follow her on twitter.

Now I didn't know what a Mandala was.  I knew what a Mandela was though, and this led to hilarity.

Then, off to the groceries.  

We brought Jon along this time which was fun.  You know what?  We've been podcasting for then years, cool eh?