Episode 72 - Recording Through My Shorts

Lake Superior and all of the Inferior Lakes

Lake Superior and all of the Inferior Lakes

We had a bit of time on Friday afternoon so we went for a little drive and talked about Icelandic names.  They list their phonebook by first names there.  They are insane.  We then went to a pawn shop.  I've never been to a pawn shop, so, well, that was fun.

Then it was Saturday and off to groceries, but, no gin and pernod!  Yeah, we went shopping early as Isabelle is off on an artspedition this afternoon.  She's going up north of where we typically camp in Lake Superior Provincial Park.  

Oh hey, Isabelle has an Etsy shop, you should buy stuff from there.  (The words 'Etsy shop' are linked there, oh and there too).

What is a lake?  What makes a lake a lake?  I figure it is arbitrary.