Episode 76 - Dave's Record Collection

Well, back at the shopping and the podcasting and the what have you.  

Only 1000 of this EP were ever made

Only 1000 of this EP were ever made

Jon joined us for this one as did Isabelle's friend Peggy.  Isabelle is 'going across' today (which is a local euphemism for going to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) to pick up a package.  There is a place there that let's you ship to them, for a fee.  Often international shipping rates are horrible, but within the US is fine.  So, Isabelle had some art supplies shipped to this place, she will pick it up and pay the duty.  This made us think of the show 'Border Security'.  Peggy came along because she has stuff to get as well, and, she knows the drill.  

We spoke, in passing, of the never ending federal election campaign.

Oh, the title?  It comes from the fact that I have been ripping old records to mp3s and you will hear some of my collection in the next few podcasts.