Episode 77 - Electric Toothbrushes Are Fun!

Boy, this one has a lot of parts.

Some of it was recorded on Monday, at home with Jon, after dinner.  We talked about his new experiences in high school.

The next day we were off to get stuff for Isabelle's art classes.  So, we went to Home Depot, and recorded on the way there.  We saw an AMC Pacer, amazingly, which led to us talking about Isabelle's Mom's Pacer.  Yup, she had a Pacer.

Finally, we got to grocery shopping!  Jon had some problems with his computer on Saturday, which was a nightmare for a bit.  Jon reacted well though.  Oddly, that same day Isabelle got a call from India from 'Microsoft' about how her computer had a virus.....

The final bit was recorded on Sunday,  We talked about Evel Knieval and Snoopy toothbrushes.