Episode 134 - Echo Chambers

Well it has been a somewhat eventful reading week.  I went to Toronto for 24 hours for a series of meetings at the Council of Ontario Universities, and then we went to see a band last night.  Yup, we actually went out!

The band we saw was 'Whitehorse'.  They were pretty good.  They reminded Isabelle of The Handsome Family (of True Detective Season 1 fame) and last night in the car when she said that I was happy as the whole time they were playing I was thinking 'they remind me of someone.....'

We then talked about the end of the fall break and what students get out of university.  A lot of times they don't even know what skills they do get, which oddly was one of the themes of the meeting I was at in Toronto.

Finally, we talked about how people get the news and the effects of social media.