Episode 135 - Colder

You know, it is cold today.  In a month this will seem warm, but 2C seems pretty cold today.  Indeed, our car claimed it was 18, but eventually the car figured things out.

Isabelle and I both had weird dreams last night, and we shared them, I think mine is more disturbing....

Isabelle did a workshop on using an app called Pixlr to make cool art.  I'm really impressed with the work she has done with it.  

Are you as tired as I am of people adding unnecessary padding to videos and blog posts?  Let's do something about it.  What?  I have no idea......

Isabelle saw a movie that sounded like it came from her life.  I have to agree, it sounded pretty close to how she described her life as a teenager.

Zebras and cows, their saga continues.  Before Isabelle got into the art scene I had no idea how people created paintings, I'm learning a lot.