Episode 136 - Ismism

It's getting close to Halloween, though, this is not a scary episode.  Look, maybe it is, I'm writing this before we go out.

I dunno, maybe we talked about emails or something.

OK, we did get a pumpkin, and candy of course, who knows how many kids will come over, I honestly don't know, it varies so much year to year.  We have enough candy for 90, which ought to be enough.

We wondered whatever happened to UNICEF boxes at Halloween in Canada, it turns out that collecting for UNICEF at Halloween in the US is still a thing, but now in Canada it isn't.  We both have fond memories of collecting money for kids from afar.

We then got into what may be our oddest discussion ever.  We listed every 'ism' you could think of (though I think we missed 'fascism' oddly).