Episode 141 - Firenaversary

Four years ago today we had our fire.  The one referenced in our tag line 'We're back, and our dryer is on fire'.  In retrospect it is sort of funny, and I am still very cautious about the lint trap.

12-3 was an inside job man, wake up Sheeple!

Hey, the term is over.  Well, basically over anyway, so we have that going for us as well.

Weird thing yesterday, while I was in a meeting our university president resigned.  A former president, and French department colleague of Isabelle's will take over.

I think Isabelle should get a smock.  I also quite like saying the word 'smock'.

I googled where Hawaiian shirts come from!

Jon did the music at a school basketball game to much acclaim.

I'm going to make eggnog. 

Isabelle likes beetles but didn't want to hear the Beatles.