Episode 142 - The Invasion of the Philistines

Jon got a little arted out after a while...

Jon got a little arted out after a while...

So, I had a work trip to Toronto for the Council of Ontario Universities, and, there was a show at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Plus, Porter had a deal on cheap flights, so why not all of us go to Toronto?  So, well, so we did.

(To be clear, Jon and I, probably mostly me, that's what the title refers to).

It was Jon's first flight since he was a baby, and it went well.

I worked, and then instead of coming back to a hotel room that was empty, I came back to see Isabelle and Jon!  This pleased me.

We also met up with old friends we hadn't seen in 18 years, which was great.

We went to the show at the AGO, there was some good stuff.  Also, there was stuff by hacks...

We went through the drive through on the way home, in honour of Jason Reese.