Episode 109 - Wrapping Yourself in Felt and Locking Yourself in a Room With a Coyote

Well, last weekend I was away at the Conference on Comparative Cognition in Melbourne, Florida, so we didn't have an episode.

This weekend coming up, Isabelle will be away in Ottawa and Montreal seeing various art things, so, we did a quick shopping run today (#sabbatical).

Try wrapping him in felt

Try wrapping him in felt

Isabelle told the story of how she was involved, or is involved in this flower art thing.  I don't want to say much more other than it is a pretty good story, and we had a discussion about art and about how Isabelle is Bono (not really, but it's funny).

Nobody goes shopping on Wednesday afternoons, which is good, as we got done very quickly.

I saw some great stuff at CO3, and lined up quite a few Spit and Twitches guests, so that should work out for me.  As usual when I take podcasting gear somewhere I don't end up recording....