Episode 110 - Isabelle's Record Collection

You may remember a previous episodes, entitled 'Dave's Record Collection' wherein the music was ripped from some of my old vinyl.  Well, Isabelle went to a sale of some sort and picked up a bunch of records.  So, today the music will come from those albums

It is finally spring, and we got into the spirit of it last night by having our first backyard bonfire.  Lots of people do that up here, and we are no exception.  

We had a meeting at Jon's school with the director of his program and with other support people about how Jon is doing and his future.  It was great.

We then had a heartfelt discussion of various goings on at work.  Finally, Isabelle backed the car up to the house to help me carry in the groceries.  It is the one nice thing she will do for me this week....