Episode 111 - Russian Languages

I'm back to writing these things a bit before we go to make my life easier.  (I do have such a rough life what with the good job and the sabbatical and the great family, I really am hard done by...)

Jon came shopping with us this time, which added an extra layer of Jonnosity.

Isabelle is taking a new course this summer, it involves 'intermedia' which is the idea that you take some piece of art in one medium and make art in another medium out of it.

We talked some about the fires in Fort McMurray, that whole thing has been insane.  Pretty cool thing though is that so far there has only been one reported death.  Amazing that.  Indeed, at the LCBO they were taking red cross donations, the feds are matching donations, and so far 26 million has been raised.

Everything was fine once Jon got his cracker chips....