Episode 113 - Boredsy

Stolen picture from sootoday.com

Stolen picture from sootoday.com

What will today bring?  I don't know, I'm writing this post before we go shopping.  I got back from Toronto where I had a whirlwind tour, ok, where I went to a COU meeting.  It was pretty good, plus i got some laughs.  Later that night I met up with Brent Morris, and we had a couple of beers.

Why do people dislike dandelions?  Really?  They aren't that big a deal.

Today we dropped off empties, so there's an extra song!

We've spoken about graffiti before, and shall speak of it again.  There has been a rash of graffiti in town by a kid (allegedly) who paints the word 'Bored' everywhere.  Well, the police think they have the guy, which is good.  This led us into a discussion about art, vandalism, and other stuff.

We spoke about part time faculty, and what challenges they face.

Oh, and Isabelle bought a baby gate, which sounds like a controversy.