Episode 114 - Dude, Spoilers

We're back, and I'm back typing this stuff before we go out for today's errands.

Isabelle went to Sudbury yesterday for some art dealio, so I imagine that will come up.  Aha, told you, indeed it did.

Weirdly there is a teeny screw up at the beginning, I've no idea what happened there, but it isn't your player, it's my phone.  (Apparently we had a title there, but I can't remember it, and that is where the recording messed up for about like 30 seconds).

Isabelle may be going camping with some friends soon, with our trailer, so i will have to give her a trailer setup course.  It is easy.

Why do people get so upset about spoilers?  I mean I understand really big things, but man, people seem to thing everything is a spoiler.  Even that we won WW2.

Please encourage Isabelle to restart Isabits!