Episode 115 - It's a Family Eatery

We went out a little later today as Isabelle had a show to help set up.

Oh, Isabelle now has her own website, isamichaud.com, which you should check out.

Apparently Isabelle's work is winning the bidding war at the art show.  This is how I view art, it is possible to win or lose.

Jon came shopping with us and we had a bit of a conversation about visiting our friend Ken and having a nice time over at his place.  Jon held a baby, lots.

The title has literally nothing to do with the podcast, but, Jon came up with it....

We talked a bit about Bruno Bettelheim, a 'psychologist' (he probably didn't have a PhD in psych, indeed, he probably only ever took three intro courses) and his views on autism.  Isabelle is reading his stuff for an art project/grant she is putting together.