Episode 117 - What Kind of Post Nuclear Hellscape Is This?

Yeah, a day late, but there's a good reason.  Isabelle just got back from London where she visited a bit and picked up Madeleine.  Maddie is home until Thursday which is great!  Hey, last night Maddie and I drank Scotch by a backyard bonfire.

So, does it bug you when people make grammatical errors and spelling mistakes on the internet? Do you tell people when they have made mistakes?  I do, well, depending, I mean if it is a typo, no, but if someone spells definitely as 'definately' (man that even hurts to type) I tell them.

THE LCBO IS OUT OF PERNOD, how can I go on?

Isabelle saw some cool art in London, ON.  I noted the art gallery there, Museum London, used to be called the London Regional Art Gallery, which led to the unfortunate acronym 'LRAG'.  It was controversial when it was built because people are idiots.