Episode 118 - The Culmination of Dave Week

I jokingly refer to this week in June as 'Dave Week' because it starts with Father's Day and then morphs into my birthday, which is today.  I'm old.

We're off camping soon, so we did our groceries and all of that early this week.  You never know this might become more common as after our camping trip Isabelle is off to Quebec City, and then we're going camping again, and then I'm off to MMPR.  Oh we also may do some recording while camping, those camp casts are always a crowd pleaser.

Isabelle finished her course and did very well, as expected.

I never in my life had any success with women, so we talked a bit about that.  I think it had something to do with me having absolutely no self confidence.  (I think chicks pick up on that.....)

Oh, today was also the last day of the school year for Jon, which is pretty great.  He had a great year.