Episode 122 - A Beautiful Day

So, we went shopping a day early as Isabelle's birthday is tomorrow, and, well, she hates shopping.  So it seemed to make sense to not have her do something she dislikes on her birthday.  Today is also the 12th anniversary of our arrival back here in Sault Ste. Marie from Corner Brook.

Isabelle has been visiting our friend Pat a lot.  You've probably heard her talk about that.

Good looking people do better in life, it's a thing.  Indeed, people probably base some of their vote on looks.  I don't think they do it on purpose but they do.  I talked a bit about honest signalling and looks and bird plumage and symmetry and beauty and man I felt like I was teaching.

I've been working on my upcoming courses and Isabelle will be soon too.

Everyone wish Isabelle a happy birthday.