Episode 123 - A Little Later Than Usual

Isabelle has been grant writing and such, so we went shopping a little later than we normally do.

I really shouldn't be saying 'went' because i am typing this before we go.

I've been cycling a lot.  I'm also thinking of slowly restoring my old (30 year old) bike.  Yesterday Jon and I went on a 10 km ride (there and back) to the pet store and to Subway.  We had an interesting thing happen to us.  

It's crazy season in US politics, so perhaps that will come up.  Like I said, I really have no idea, we haven't recorded yet......

OK, so now we have recorded and I made a few good guesses there.  

Hey, Isabelle won second prize in an art show, for a cool thing she did on her phone!  You can see it in this post.

We're gonna eat fajitas and drink blender drinks tonight, as it is 33 degrees out, but, we still want to see Bill Clinton tonight.

Oh we got stopped for a bit by a train, which Jon said he would 'take down'.