Episode 209 - The Show of Damocles


It's two hours before we go shopping, but I'm typing.  This is of course just a way to fill this thing in a bit, but, I'll probably leave this here.

Isabelle's big end of year show is coming up.  We're pretty excited, but it has also gotten her to be quite pensive about stuff in her life.  It turns out that art affects her so deeply sometimes she has these sensory experiences, which is pretty wild.  Or, she's having a  stroke....

The honours students in the psych program spoke at their thesis conference yesterday, and it was great.  Then we went out to dinner, and I had a disappointing steak.  This led us to talk about that, and to Isabelle's half baked 'theory' about men and steaks.  I think she needs to take my evolutionary psych class..

next week we'll have a report on how everything went with her show.