Episode 210 - Easter Is When Jesus Pumps Gas For Free


Travel with us on many many stops.  I had to get US money, because I'm going to a conference next week, plus, we had to return empties, plus we needed gas, plus you know, the regular stuff.

Isabelle's art show was a resounding success.  People loved it.  They should have because it was fucking great.  Probably about 75 people on opening night.  Also, all of my pork buns, which were a little subpar really, got eaten.  The blueberry fritters were also a hit.

Isabelle's Mom was here for the show as was Madeleine, which was great.  Indeed, Isabelle got up super early to drive her Mom to the airport.  Last night we looked at old pictures and made up stories about people.  Good times.

We've finished up ST TOS.  Apparently I have a tendency to talk over the show and make references to other things.  Who knew?

THE GROCERY STORE WAS A FUCKING MADHOUSE.  However, the LCBO was not, which goes to show that my hypothesis about religiosity and shopping is probably correct.